Friday, July 23, 2010

Chick by Ed Vere

I actually bought this book by chance - I was buying a load of books at Borders and I needed one more to qualify for a discount so I just grabbed this book which was left on the floor. As it turned out, Chick is one of Ryan's favourite books and one of the first that he loved. He was only a few months old when we introduced Chick to him but everytime we brought Chick out, Ryan would have a big smile on his face.

This colourful pop-up book published in 2009 is about a chick's first day of life, from the time it pecks it way out of its egg till it is tucked to sleep under its mummy's wing. It mirrors the daily routine of a baby, even including a page showing the chick doing a poo (the poop page is a hit with Ryan who loves turning the wheel). I subsequently found out that this book is the Winner of the Baby Book Award, Early Year Awards 2009.

I have had to patch up the book a couple of times as it has suffered from Ryan's enthusiastic fingers. Ryan continues to love this book very much - we were in Borders the weekend he turned 18 months and he read this book eight times. Looks like it will remain a staple of his library for some time to come.


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