Thursday, February 24, 2011

Frogs in a row

Something simple to share today - a colour sorting activity that I did with Ryan a few months ago. I know now that Ryan knows his colours, but back then, I wasn't sure because he kept saying "purple" a lot. Of course, at first I thought he was referring to the colour purple but when I showed him other colours, he still went, "purple!" so I wasn't sure whether he meant to say "purple" or some other word. His word for "circle" is "kurkur", so who knows.

I used every opportunity to point out and name colours for him - look at the red butterfly! the banana is a nice yellow! Elmo is red! Ryan didn't acknowledge any of it. At the back of my mind, I was curious as to whether he might be colour blind. 

Anyway, one night we were playing together on the floor and I started slowly sorting these plastic hoppers by their colours while saying their colours out loud. We bought these hoppers when Ryan was less than a year old and he loves pressing on their butts to make them hop.

Ryan was not interested in what I was doing. He was climbing on and over me, blabbering about something else and completely ignoring what I was saying. He was literally trying to get me to stop. After a while of trying to get him interested and after I had sorted about two rows, I gave up and I let out a big sigh. 

Ryan suddenly froze, stopped his climbing and blabbering, picked up the rest of the hoppers (about 8 of them) and finished up the sorting without any prompting or help. He took less than 10 seconds. He then continued his climbing and blabbering, as if nothing had happened. I, like the idiot I was, was too stunned to react.

That little guy knew his colours all along. No big deal, mummy. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oval Rabbit

This was put together on the spur of the moment, while we were doing some other arts and crafts one afternoon during our recent holiday in Malaysia. Ryan has been doing a lot of hopping and saying "hop, hop, hop" so I thought that a bunny theme would interest him. It's also inspired by the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit. 

Based on the same concept as the Circle Bear, the Oval Rabbit is made up of different sized ovals. I didn't spend much time on the preparation - it took me less than 10 minutes, including coming up with the idea. I drew the ovals free hand (ovals are fairly easy to draw, thank goodness) and, as I used white art block paper, I only had to colour the eyes and the nose.

This was relatively tricky for Ryan to put together because the rabbit's ears go behind the head and the cheeks of the rabbit are bigger than the head. I think, to Ryan, it is a little strange to be sticking only half of a piece on only half of another piece. It turned out to be something like a 3-D jigsaw puzzle. I think it would work better if I made a sample first so that Ryan would understand that the final product can actually look like a rabbit. 

Ryan had fun tearing the cotton and sticking it on the rabbit's ears though, so next time we do this, I might give Ryan some cotton buds to use for whiskers and perhaps some felt for the nose - it can be a more sensory activity.

Anyway, paste the rabbit onto some light card and you've got yourself a homemade Chinese New Year card!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Circle Bear

I thought I would share a little bit more about what Ryan does at home, in particular the little activities we do with him.

This was something we did recently. I think two year olds love sticking and gluing so this is a fun activity for them. I got it from the internet - it's a bear face made up of circles.

It's really easy and fast. I cut cardboard circles for the two eyes, the two ears (including the middle part of the ears), the nose, the snout and the head - 9 in total - and I coloured them (Ryan doesn't really colour yet, he just swirls the colour pencil around).  The face is slightly smaller than the size of a CD.

Then it was Ryan's turn - I guided him as to which circle is supposed to be which part of the face and he stuck them on (yes, he was the one who stuck the eyes looking to one side). He was a little unsure as to why the nose sits on the "mouth" so some clarification was required there. I think he was thinking of a pig...haha!

Some ideas - In addition to talking about ears, eyes, mouth, etc, you can talk about which circles are "big" and which are "small"; which are "bigger" and which are "smaller"; how there are two eyes and two ears but one mouth and one nose. Of course, you can talk about bears too! 

Ryan was very happy with the end result, he brought his masterpiece to show Richard the moment he was done!

I think this activity can be repeated again and again as Ryan grows older. He can take on the colouring and the cutting in the future. 

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