Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Circle Bear

I thought I would share a little bit more about what Ryan does at home, in particular the little activities we do with him.

This was something we did recently. I think two year olds love sticking and gluing so this is a fun activity for them. I got it from the internet - it's a bear face made up of circles.

It's really easy and fast. I cut cardboard circles for the two eyes, the two ears (including the middle part of the ears), the nose, the snout and the head - 9 in total - and I coloured them (Ryan doesn't really colour yet, he just swirls the colour pencil around).  The face is slightly smaller than the size of a CD.

Then it was Ryan's turn - I guided him as to which circle is supposed to be which part of the face and he stuck them on (yes, he was the one who stuck the eyes looking to one side). He was a little unsure as to why the nose sits on the "mouth" so some clarification was required there. I think he was thinking of a pig...haha!

Some ideas - In addition to talking about ears, eyes, mouth, etc, you can talk about which circles are "big" and which are "small"; which are "bigger" and which are "smaller"; how there are two eyes and two ears but one mouth and one nose. Of course, you can talk about bears too! 

Ryan was very happy with the end result, he brought his masterpiece to show Richard the moment he was done!

I think this activity can be repeated again and again as Ryan grows older. He can take on the colouring and the cutting in the future. 


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