A critical component of right brain training is strengthening the right brain's ability to pick up and process information. In Shichida, this is done via Senses Play, which means playing sensory games tailored for the right brain, also called ESP (extra sensory perception) games.

ESP refers to the ability to obtain information through ways other than our five physical senses. While some people think it is something supernatural, according to Shichida, these "extra" ways are simply the five natural senses of the right brain. Every person is born with this natural ability.

In Part 4, I mentioned the theory that every object in our universe emits vibrational waves and that the cells in our bodies can resonate with these waves, receiving information about the object. Professor Shichida says that the right brain processes wave information into five types of images: visual, auditory, gustatory, olfactory and tactile. Therefore he describes the right brain as having five internal senses of perception, just like the left brain has five physical senses of perception. As an example, when the teacher sends a mental image of ice cream to the children (using telepathy), the children scream, “Cold!” or “Tastes like ice cream!” The children feel and taste the ice cream with the senses of the right brain.

Some parents are apprehensive when they find out that there are ESP games in Shichida and I know there are even parents who want "right brain" programmes that do not have ESP elements. This apprehension stems from a lack of understanding about the right brain (which makes me wonder why they want a right brain programme in the first place). I doubt that any programme which omits training the senses of the right brain is truly providing right brain training as the resonance and visualisation function is the most fundamental faculty of the right brain.

Somewhat inconsistently, parents who are resistant to ESP accept that a baby in the mother's womb receives information about the environment outside the womb. When they talk to the unborn baby, rub or tap on the belly, or when they play music to the unborn baby, they believe that the baby receives this information. Yet, an unborn baby cannot feel with his skin, hear with his ears, see with his eyes, smell with his nose or taste with his tongue. Shichida tells us that the baby uses the senses of the right brain, which he calls the ESP function, to receive and process this information.

The Singapore Shichida parents’ handbook says that ESP is now known as HSP which is "Heightened Sensory Perception". I'm not sure that the two are truly the same but really, it doesn't matter what it's called. Don't get fixated on labels and names. Just take it that the goal is to strengthen the five senses of the right brain to allow sensory information to be processed and analyzed more thoroughly and deeply, which will contribute to creativity, intuition, sensing implications and attention to detail. This means your child will pick up information which most other people are unaware of.

ESP includes the following aspects (in Shichida, we focus on the first four):

1. Clairvoyance - the ability to gain information directly from an object. It's like "looking through" a locked box or a sealed envelope to tell what the contents are.

2. Telepathy - the ability to gain information from another person, to tell what the other person is thinking.

3. Precognition/ Prescience - the ability to know in advance what is going to happen, eg. some animals know when a storm is coming.

4. Psychometry/ Hand reading - the ability to gain facts about an object by touching it, eg. guessing the colour of the ball in your hand without looking at it.

5. Telekinesis - the ability to move objects or to change objects without physical touch, eg. Professor Shichida tells us of parents who reported that their children were able to switch on the television without touching it.

Remember, there is nothing supernatural about this. It's just waves and energy.

In the next instalment, I will give you some examples of the games we play to strengthen the five senses of the right brain.


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